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Hello there!

As you saw by the last jounral the last admin has currently passed over the new title to me so I think it might be good now that I have full control over the group and I introduce myself. The new co-founderwill also introduce themselves when they see this journal xD

I'm known as Nexanda, feel free to call me Nex and/or Nexy. As you can see I am a big fan of Hetalia and very intrested in learning about the Revolutionary war. Just as a few fun facts about me, I live in the UK, and slightly ironicly, Plymouth where the Pligrim farthers set off xD The Mayflower steps is just a 5 minute walk away, so if you guys would like I could take a picture for you all just for kicks. My favourite pairing in Hetalia is USUK/UKUS for many reasons but I also support any other parings too. ^w^ I'm a kind and friendly admin who is always willing to help if you have any questions or problems, please feel free to send a note to the group and we will sort you out as soon as we can. I am taking A-levels in History and Product design so I won't be on all of the time but when I can I will be. I promise.

We should have a contest soon, maybe one for Halloween if you guys are up to it. I know it's a bit early but it's just in the first few stages and I can tell you it will be involving the Uniforms that they wear. There are also many other contest ideas that will need to be approved by the co-founder before they are giving the go-ahead and planned. I hope you all enjoy this group, I can't wait to start see some of the submissions that you put in, I know they will all be great and I can't wait to start talking to some of the members of the group!

I'll now pass it over to the co-founder and they can introduce themselves! Be sure to watch this journal for the update!


Hey!  I'm the cofounder Hanagami.  I'm into drawing (especially Hetalia fanart), design, and 3D modeling.
I got into Hetalia about 7 months ago.  Prussia is by far my favourite character.
As cool as the show may be, I think the Revolutionary War section was a little short.  A lot more could have been done with it, but that's what fanart's for, right?

As groovydea stated before, we are going to hold a contest soon.  I was considering one about military uniform redesign.  It doesn't have to be practical, just related in some way.  Also, it has to be drawn on either England or America.  I'm not sure about the details or whatnot, we're still thinking about it.

Well, most of the important topics were covered by groovydea, so there really isn't much more to say.

I hope you all have fun in this group.
Hanagami Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
Sorry I took so long to edit it. It's a mixture of business and writer's block.
Lady-Ignis-Chan Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This makes me happy, hopefully it will make the group more active. I can't draw but I may be able to help with small prizes (and if writing is allowed I'll be right there).

Before this show I didn't really paid this much attemtion to American History, but researching stuff for it showed me parts of it tat we never learned abut in school. So now is one of my favorite periods. :D

If you are fond of cartoons you should check out Libery's Kids, they go into detail about the Rev. War and you get things from both sides which I love.
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September 26, 2011


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